Saturday, September 17, 2011

Much Mistletoeing!!!

On, they came out with new Christmas sets!!!  There's a new lip shine foursome called "Much Mistletoeing"  that consists of:  Tinsel Town lip shine, Marshmallows for Roasting lip shine, Peppermint Bark lip shine, & Cinnamon Buns lip shine.  Tinsel Town has a fresh, crisp berry scent.  They also have Philosophy "Twinkle Berry"  shower gel and lotion, plus a new threesome of shower gels called "Fun in the Frosty Air"  That consists of:  Ginger Berry Frost shower gel, Sugar Plum Frost shower gel, & Fresh Vanilla Frost shower gel!  Then, there's a new duo of shower gel and lotion called Parties for Hosting by Philosophy and the scent is a playful, fresh Cherry Berry Crisp!  I am super giddy to see what new Christmas scents they come out with next!  Au Revoir!  ~~~~ GG

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm Baackkk!

Hello everyone!  I'm back!  And guess what?  On, they have a new Philosophy lip shine and shower gel called........ Maple Glazed Cake!  I really want it!  I can't wait until Christmas time, so they come out with really unique scents for their lip gloss.  Anyway, just thought I'd do a post real quick. 
                                                                  You know you love me, GG

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Just Bought the Candy Corn lip shine!

Hello, it's me, and I just bought Philosophy's Candy Corn lip shine yesterday!  It's now available on, too, and I just had to snatch it up!  Also, I got new jeans from Hollister for the fall.  I got dark brown, dark olive, and navy with rolled-up cuffs.  Just thought I'd pop in to say hi, so see you next time, GG

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Philosophy's Christmas Scents Are Just Around the Corner...

Philosophy's delicious Christmas scents are just around the corner because every year around October or late September, they start to bring out all the new flavors!  I am just sooo excited that there are going to be new lip shines!  I hope they use some of my ideas for Christmas lip shines such as Spicy Gumdrop and Chocolate covered Orange.  Perhaps a lip shine called Merry Milk Chocolate, maybe?  :)  Lol...  Anyway, that's all for right now.  You know you love me, ~~~Glossip Girl

New Flavors @

Hey everyone!  Guess who ordered the Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake lip shine by Philosophy?  Moi!  Anyway, I am here to tell you all that has new shower and bath gels that are coming soon.  They are Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake, Autumn Air (Tangerine Cider), & Harvest Spice (Pumpkin Orange).  Sounds yummy huh?  So, if you are looking for delicious fall scents to have this season, I suggest you head on over to with just the click of a mouse!   

Saturday, July 30, 2011

There's a New Lip Shine...

On, there is a new fall lip shine called... "I Love Candy Corn"!  In the tube, there are the three colors of candy corn; orange-brown, yellow, and white!  It is totally cool and I bet it smells even better than it looks.  Now, also on, they now sell my own idea, Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake.  It is not quite available yet, beacause it says coming soon, but I'm sure it will be there in the next day or so.  Anyway, I'm soooo excited there's another flavor I get to buy soon.  That's all for now, but be sure to check out my other posts soon.  You know you love me, ~~~GG

Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Lip Shines Have Arrived Today!

This afternoon, I received in the mail two new Philosophy lip shines that I had been blogging about earlier: Powdered Sugar Cookie and Eggnog Latte!  I will do a review about them now.  Powdered Sugar Cookie is totally yummy and smells like sugar cookies with a hint of lemon!  It's an fantastic scent.  Then comes Eggnog Latte, a delicious smell that transports you to drinking a cold glass of eggnog.  There is also a pinch of coffee flavor in the gloss, so overall it's actually one of my new favorites!  It kind of also smells like cinnamon...  Thanks for looking and be sure to keep your eye out for any flavors I review... ~~~GG